Al-Rimal Real Estate Company has a variety of real estate programs including (finance, marketing and investment), to be the specialized and leading company in providing housing financing solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in pursuit of achieving the goals of all segments of society within our dear kingdom by owning suitable housing for all members of society, and playing A major social role for people to share their hopes and aspirations by providing appropriate products and keeping pace with the real estate market changes, making a firm promise to provide appropriate real estate products as well as high-end service to our valued customers through its main branches spread throughout the Kingdom. And the big obstacles until it became a major player in the industry of financing solutions and real estate marketing in all parts of the Kingdom since 2010 AD, and it is proud to serve more than 5,000 families by owning the appropriate housing for them, to enjoy comfort and happiness for all family members.
The company manages its operations in the main cities of the Kingdom (Riyadh, Khamis Mushait, and Jeddah) in addition to partners, real estate brokers and developers who have extensive real estate experience in this field.
And the position of Al-Rimal Real Estate Company is in the ranks of the leading companies in this field in the market as a leading company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for housing solutions in all its delicate fields, and its continuous recognition for its contributions in helping customers to own the appropriate housing for them and qualifying them for that. The company has received a number of certificates of thanks from Dealers with it in the governmental and private sectors, and it was classified as the best company with integrated real estate solutions that serves its customers through financing and marketing channels with the best elaborate solutions in this field, according to the testimony of the customers themselves, and whose name was included in the real estate finance book of His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Maghlouth, the researcher and expert in real estate affairs, and this is a badge of pride for the company. Coming to the satisfaction of our valued customers and for you we are always the best, God willing.

Our Goals

Individuals: Building a friendly and respectful relationship with our customers and combining the accuracy of information and clarity with the proposal so that the family enjoys complete stability with new and modern outputs that guarantee it to move towards achieving its goal of ending the suffering by owning the appropriate housing unit for them
Companies: working on drawing clear lines towards partnerships that guarantee the quality of the real estate product and the real estate market offering to overcome the difficulties facing customers by working on strategic intellectual initiatives to advance a society that enjoys the product, quality and accuracy of details

Our Vision

It is to strengthen our position in the ranks of the leading companies in the field of real estate brokerage to be the best provider of integrated real estate solutions to build a customer base that enjoys residential and mental stability and building confidence with investors and developers that ensures our continued progress towards the desired goal

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