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Welcome dear real estate:

It is a great honor for you to join us to build a real partnership at all levels of real estate to market your real estate products in a modern and stable manner on the bases and pimps that attract your valued customers in the fastest possible ways that the Real Estate Company provides between the marketer and the client to drive productivity and profitability in the easiest way that is in line with the aspirations and plans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the future 2030

Terms and conditions of affiliation with AlRimal Real Estate Company

Real estate website usage agreement :

  • Dear visitors, we are pleased with your visit and your desire to use the Al-Rimal Real Estate Company website (whether you are registered members for the membership of real estate workers, as the site provides you with many services and features to manage and market your real estate using modern methods. We are always ahead of it.
    The website of Al-Rimal Real Estate Company is subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By entering and using this website, whether you are a registered user, a visitor, a property owner or a real estate marketer for the website or one of our real estate products and would like to benefit from its services, you have accepted without condition or restriction all The terms and conditions of use contained in this Agreement. Therefore, please read and carefully consider the terms of this agreement before using the services of Al-Rimal Real Estate Company website.
  • First: tariffs
    Affiliate member: is the person who has registered on the site for the purpose of continuous use of the site, whether an individual or a commercial or governmental facility.
    Advertiser: The person who adds a real estate advertisement, whether in cash or in installments, on the Al-Rimal Real Estate website.
    Visitor: is the person who visits Al-Rimal Real Estate website for the purpose of browsing the website or benefiting from its services.
    Real estate classification: It is one of the following real estate classifications: apartments / villas / lands / farms / warehouses / stores / hangars / shops / buildings / unfinished villas / hotels / furnished apartments / factories / offices / chalets / rest houses / workshops / factories / complexes Residential/commercial.
    Affiliate real estate broker: is the person who reconciles between Al-Rimal Real Estate Company and clients from companies, institutions and individuals in the governmental or private sector to offer real estate to developers and owners under the system of leasing, buying and selling, or marketing real estate products in installments.
    Definition of the company’s real estate financing policy: It is a real estate brokerage policy between the company and the entities financed by banks and companies under the umbrella of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and the company and provides real estate solutions for the individual or facility to obtain the required financing according to the customer’s own ability (financial – real estate evaluation – and his legal age) and here the company does not It bears any false information carried out by the real estate broker or marketer arising from the information disclosed by the client himself. When any problems arise in this regard, the company is not bound by any legal and financial rights unless a contract is signed between it and the client. Second: Terms and Conditions:
  •  The above definitions are considered an integral part of this agreement.
  •  The contributor declares that his age is over (18 years).
  •  The calculation of the service provided by Real Estate Sands to the subscriber or real estate affiliate begins from the date of registration on the site and agreed upon between the two parties, which is the date of his subscription to the website immediately after indicating the approval on the electronic page of the legal terms and conditions.
  •  Real estate sands is not responsible for the correctness of the data, information and images received from the advertiser on the website, unless it is related to the real estate itself and the real estate marketing is exclusive to it.
  •  Al-Rimal Real Estate disclaims its responsibility and stresses that there are no links for (Al-Remaal Real Estate) with the properties listed on its website or its social media programs (Twitter – Facebook – Google Plus) or relations with the owners or developers themselves Unless there is a direct and exclusive agreement for (Al-Rimal Real Estate Company) the ownership of the marketing for it, and the marketer or advertiser shall bear all legal, financial and penal sanctions.
  •  In the event that the site was used with the aim of sabotaging or harming the site / or impersonating the names of other companies or using it in any way that contradicts human, legal and Islamic principles, or using the site in a manner contrary to morals and legal principles, or putting up political, social, artistic, sports and media articles in order to sow discord between Site visitors and visitors, or any legal violations, customs and traditions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or falsification of real estate facts, then (Real Sands) has the right to cancel the account of the subscriber or affiliate immediately if this is proven and without prior notice and without entailing
    Real Estate Sands has any legal obligations, and it has the right to prosecute the violating marketer or advertiser legally and judicially to restore consideration, while Real Estate Sands reserves the right not to recover the rest of the subscription amount (if any) previously paid by the subscriber, transfer the ads to the company directly and communicate with the owner to complete the legal procedures for marketing Or assign another member to manage the account without taking permission from the advertiser whose account has been canceled as a result of the violations mentioned above, as well as the violating broker is not entitled to claim his rights in the company as a result of complaints from customers and failure to observe the company’s laws and customer ethics.
  • The laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia related to electronic commerce and cybercrime, the privacy of personal data, the Islamic Sharia and the principles and laws of safe and ethical Internet use must be observed. Any violation of this may lead to refusal to provide the service and possibly cancellation of membership on the site, with the affiliate bearing all legal issues and financial burdens from a legal lawyer and so on.
  •  Real Estate Sands has the right to change and amend the terms, conditions and terms of service of this agreement whenever it deems it necessary in the interest of the business. Without notice, therefore, the valued users of the site are kindly requested to review this agreement on Al-Rimal Real Estate website at the time they enter the site. Blog the terms of the agreement.
  •  The advertiser must verify the data and information entered, whether personal data such as contact numbers, e-mail, regular mail, name, address and passwords entered, which are under his personal responsibility or for the property such as space, location, description, price and other descriptions. Honesty, accuracy and transparency must be investigated. If it becomes clear that the information is incorrect or inaccurate, or forgery and the addition of duplicate properties to another affiliate, this will lead to the cancellation of membership and the immediate deletion of data and information from the site and defamation on the site if it is necessary and agreed upon by all the defamation clauses recognized by the official authorities and not to demand its cancellation except by agreement He is clear and has no right to submit to the legitimate authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia not to defame, because he had originally agreed to the terms and conditions in advance in the electronic agreement contract with the management of the site.
  •  It is not allowed to use an improper user name or use vague letters and symbols in registering for membership of the site, while keeping the password and not automatically saving it on the site to ensure the confidentiality of the password in all electronic browsers on your device. Registration is for real estate agents, owners of real estate companies, real estate offices, individuals, appraisal companies, government agencies that want to buy and sell their real estate or auction them, and real estate developers who build real estate units and market them through the (Real Estate Sands) website.
  •  Al-Rimal Real Estate does not bear any responsibility in the event that the site is hacked by parties or individuals and tampering with the site information because it is outside the control of the site, and this is considered a clear, explicit and inferior violation of the property rights of (Al-Rimal Real Estate).
  •  The site administration reserves the right to monitor and investigate any content entered on the site, whether by contacting the advertiser or the owner and sending an email or SMS to them. Real Estate Sands has the right to cross out, remove or amend the entered material if it violates these terms and conditions.
  •  (Al-Remal Real Estate) provides advertising services to individuals, offices and real estate companies free of charge and for a period of one month from the date of its publication after filling out the advertisement form, reviewing it by the site management and approving it
  •  An agreement shall be made with the site administration when a Banner advertisement is to be placed on the site. Please contact us at:
  •  The real estate sand site administration publishes the contact information of the member or advertiser (phone number or e-mail) that he added on the site so that the other party can communicate with him and complete the business process. possible. The member, advertiser or affiliate bears full responsibility for everything related to him and fills it in on the site with an explanation of all real data and all available means to communicate with him, as the information will be confidential except for the announced data and guarantees (Real Sands) that no party will give such data except when the legal issue And in response to the request of the official or judicial authorities.
  •  The subscriber or affiliate has the right to publish the link of his real estate page on all social media sites, for example ( or print it on the business card of the advertiser or affiliate
  •  Dealing takes place directly between the two parties to the business process: the member or the advertiser on the one hand, and on the other hand the site visitor (browser) and without any interference or responsibility from the site, provided that the company guarantees its right to seek real estate marketing in return for a fee of 1% of the value of the deal and the company here Do not analyze or allow those who marketed and took the value of the endeavor without giving the financial right to that property announced on the company’s website (
  •  The credibility must be adhered to in all the data entered (for example, the title of the advertisement, the text of the advertisement, the location of the property, the description of the property, the map of the property’s location…etc) and to clarify the positive and negative points of the site for the advertised properties to ensure credibility and transparency.
  •  The conditions of advertisements must be adhered to, and vague and incomplete advertisements that do not fall under any of the approved real estate classifications on the site are not accepted.
  •  It is strictly forbidden to use the advertisement to add links to other sites for the purpose of promoting them, or email addresses or contact numbers for the purpose of promoting a product other than real estate, or publishing services that do not serve the real estate sands directive with all their policies for the subject of the advertisement. In this case, the advertisement will be removed immediately, and the advertiser will bear any legal consequences as a result.
  •  The advertiser or visitor is not entitled to copy or republish the material on this site except for personal use. It may not be used for commercial purposes, including advertising. Accordingly, it is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, publish, broadcast, modify, distribute or commercially exploit the content of the site (or part of it).
  •  Al-Rimal Real Estate website management is not responsible for any advertisements that are not credible, and for the use of that advertisement by third parties. Al-Rimal Real Estate Company encourages its valued clients to report any advertisement that is not credible, breaches trust, or represents misuse of the site and its services, and send information and notes using the e-mail:
  •  Real estate sands or any person involved in preparing, producing or distributing any material on this site bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect material or moral damage arising from the use of this site or from the inability to use it or from any error or omission or a defect in it, or from the incorrectness of the information provided by it, or from any delay or interruption in its transmission.
  •  The way to communicate with (Al-Rimal Real Estate) is through the channels available 24 hours (e-mail, social networking sites, contact us on the website), so any important messages, alerts, warnings or financial claims are reported via the registered email The subscriber may have his account with (Real-Remal) or via SMS if necessary. ) In the event of a technical, security, technical or software defect with the company providing the e-mail service to the subscriber or affiliate, all information such as the password and user name will be sent to the same e-mail. 
  • The affiliate or subscriber who is active in advertisements and regularly displays what is new every day by adding real estate offers, has the right to join the brokers with the company and take percentages on sales in cash and in installments according to the regulations and laws recognized within the company after signing the agreement with us.
  •  This agreement has been drawn up in all its parts to guarantee the rights of (real estate sands) and the rights of (subscriber or affiliate of real estate) and to clarify the obligations of each party, as this agreement is considered as an agreement that takes effect from the date of participation and approval of the terms and laws with (Real Estate Company), which is an agreement Between the two parties, it must be adhered to by (the subscriber or the affiliate) and (Al-Rimal Real Estate Company together.
  •  To give the subscriber or affiliate an order (agree) shown on the last affiliate registration page or a new user on the site on the conditions mentioned above, and granting the subscriber an account on the (real estate sands) website and using the account in any form of information and advertising. Opening his account on the screen is an express evidence of the subscriber’s or affiliated’s acceptance and agreement to fully abide by the terms and conditions mentioned above in this agreement, and that any violation of this agreement by the subscriber or affiliated exposes his account to suspension or deletion without prior notice and without refunding any amounts to him. The right of real estate sands, in addition to that, it will be subject to legal prosecution in the event of any violation that harms the security of the site (real estate sands or causes harm to it).
  •  You are most welcome, and we hope to provide you with what you are looking forward to from a high level of service that serves your real estate orientations, God willing. For any inquiries, please write to us at:, which is the official email for general correspondence .

Evacuation responsibilaty :

The information on this website is for general purposes only. The information provided by Real Estate Sands Although we endeavor to keep the information as current and correct as possible, we do not guarantee true or implied completeness, accuracy, reliability, durability or availability of the website or the information, products, services or fees attached on the website and for any purpose whatsoever. . Any reliance on any of the information for a commercial or individual purpose will be decisively a risk that rests with (subscriber – affiliate – property owner) and we will not be at any time responsible for any loss or damage to any content on the website (real estate sands) and this includes, but is not limited to Indirect or consequential damage or any damage or damage whatsoever arising from lack of data or profits or related to the use of this website itself. Through this website, you will be able to access other websites that are outside the control of (Real Sands). We have no control over the nature of the content or availability of those websites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily mean that we recommend or support what those websites show.
The site is based on integrated real estate solutions to meet the needs of customers, owners, developers and related real estate companies in a smooth and comfortable manner. Therefore, the relations will be somewhat complex with those parties, which requires the company’s client not to deal with those governmental or non-governmental institutions except through the effective channels of (real estate sands). ) to guarantee the rights of the service provided.
Every effort has been made to keep the website running smoothly and efficiently. However, Real Estate Sands does not accept responsibility for the website to be temporarily unavailable due to any technical issues beyond our control. We are not responsible for any incorrect pictures or descriptions and any expired ads. Validity…etc
Therefore, we note here that (the affiliate – the marketer – the owner of the property) is the guarantor of the confidentiality of the signed information and the guarantor of the validity of the advertising data and the data of its clients.

God grants success ,,,

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