Permitting services:

It is the diversity in the means of marketing and the approach with advanced marketing programs that carry strategic objectives for the real estate marketing of the company according to an integrated system that revives the real estate marketing in the Kingdom.
Without a good real estate marketing, the value of the real estate does not appear, whether by selling or buying and renting, and it only takes a sound marketing approach. This is a technical and professional vision for the company in the near future, God willing.

Customers Service :

Al-Rimal Real Estate Company has developed a large group of distinguished clients in the past and present period who promote our real estate products in all transparency and express their satisfaction with our distinguished services, which are based on basic and essential axes (strength - creativity - achievement)
- Be strong stability to solve the most complex real estate problems facing customers to own their home according to the programs prepared for that.
To be creative in diversifying the sources of financing solutions for clients to overcome the stage of worrying about owning the right property.
It is an achievement, and it is the last stage for the client to complete and complete owning his property suitable for him and his family smoothly and efficiently, and here lies the three axes that the company has built to distinguish its clients from the rest of the clients of competing companies in this field. We do not say that we are the only ones, but we are the creators, God willing.

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